• IP-7700

  • Volumetric Infusion Pump

  • รหัสสินค้า : IP0001
  • ประเภทสินค้า : Infusion Pump
  • ยี่ห้อ : AmPall
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Self testing - Every time the unit turns on, self testing is proceeded.
K.V.O(Keep Vein Open) - When the delivery volume has been reached, flow rate turns into K.V.O. rate (adjustable from 1mml/h to 10ml/h) automatically.
Keypad lock function - Keypad is locked with or without password depend on its using condition.
Infusion setup - Flow rate / Delivery volume / infusing time.
Retain memory - Last setting value is retained. Remaining time display Alarm repeat function
Open system - Up to 10 IV set brands can be calibrated in a single unit.
Buzzer level - 3steps Occlusion level - 9steps (4.5-14.5psi)
Purge rate - Adjustable (1-1000ml/h)
Bolus rate - ON/OFF, Adjustable (1-1000ml/h, 1-9999ml)
History call back - Display up to last 10 infusion data.
Dosage mode(Body weight mode) - Automatically calculate and set the proper flow rate when the dose rate, body weight, drug mass and solution volume are entered. (Option)
Drop senseor - External (Optional item)
Nurse call - Each unit can be connected with nurse call system (DC 24V, 0.5A) (Option)
Profile function - Program infusion condition(flow rate, delivery volume, delivery time) differently every hour, up to 24hours. (Option)
Central system - Connect with main PC for monitoring (Option)

Standard configuration

Optional configuration